TIM Alerts

Connect with tenants in the market in real time.

How it Works


When a tenant searches 42Floors in your area, they can now request a broker to assist them.



A couple tenant reps at the top of the queue in the market are notified to accept the TIM Alert. The first tenant rep to accept gets the lead.

Queue 2


Reply “y” to accept and receive their contact information. You can give them a call when you’re ready.


We’ll also send you an email with their contact information.



How is the queue determined?

The queue is made up of all Elite brokers signed up for TIM Alerts in a market. The first person in the queue receives the next TIM Alert, and is then bumped to the end of the line, when that TIM Alert is accepted, declined, or accepted by another broker.

What if I don’t have time?

No worries. Another Elite broker will be notified to help that tenant, and you’ll be placed back in the queue.

What if someone else accepts?

Only one broker can claim a TIM Alert, so click connect quickly. If you miss it, you’ll be placed back in the queue for the next one.

Can I have someone else accept my TIM alerts?

Yes. We can sign up anyone in your office to receive TIM Alerts.

Sign Up for TIM Alerts

TIM Alerts is one of the many powerful features of upgrading to Elite.

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