How Moving to a New Location Could Affect Your Employees

Here are some sample questions to include in your survey that will give you clear insight into how moving to a new location could affect your employees.

  • What is your current daily commute in minutes?
  • Approximately how much of your personal budget is used for gas?
  • Do you currently use public transportation to get to work? If so, how often?
  • Would the presence of more nearby public transportation options increase your likelihood to use them?
  • If you had to drive an additional five or 10 miles to get to work, how would this impact your decision to stay with the company?
  • How would having to drive an additional 20 minutes per day impact the same decision?
  • How frequently do you use amenities like restaurants and shopping centers that are located near your current workplace location?
  • Would moving a further distance from these locations impact your daily work life in any significant way?
  • Do you think that moving into a new operational facility would positively or negatively impact employee satisfaction, morale and overall productivity?
  • Do you think that moving the location of your current workplace will benefit overall business with respect to visibility and client interaction?

Once you’re done collecting answers to the questions above, you can set about determining what level of impact moving your business will have to your employees. Depending on the answers that you receive, you may find it necessary to seek out alternate locations that are within a five to 10 mile radius of your current location. If, on the other hand, overall response to the idea of moving further away – either closer to large population centers, or further away from them – is positive, you may be able to expand your search to include commercial properties in lower cost areas.