Office Building Security

Being able to ensure the security of your company’s expensive material belongings comes in second only to the physical safety and security of your workforce. To ensure that both are adequately cared for, consider the following list of security features that any commercial building should have.

  • Metal doors with spring locks or deadbolts.
  • Shatterproof windows with secure locking mechanisms. – Fencing around the perimeter of the building and parking lot. – Padlocks for fence entry doors.
  • Elevators with operational emergency alarms and an emergency phone.
  • Card key entry systems on all exterior doors.
  • Operational fire alarms, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems. – Easily accessible emergency exit doors.
  • Entry and exit doors with peep holes or viewing panels. – Operational burglar alarms and motion alarms for after hours use.
  • Security cameras placed at all entries and at several points on the perimeter of the property.
  • Monitors for live viewing of all security camera activity.
  • Recording equipment to video tape all security camera activity for later review.
  • Central security desk that can communicate via radio or walkie-talkie with police and security guards.
  • Sufficient exterior lighting on the building and throughout the parking lot.
  • PRIVATE PROPERTY and NO PARKING signs at all parking lot entrances, warning that only authorized vehicles can use the parking lot.

In addition to making sure that a commercial building is adequately equipped to keep your company’s employees and contents secure, it’s strongly encouraged that you run an independent inquiry on local crime statistics. This information can be found online or by directly contacting the local police department. As a matter of practice, most commercial real estate brokers and agents won’t provide you with these statistics, but there’s nothing preventing you from finding the information on your own and making informed decisions about whether to choose a specific commercial site or continue in your search.