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Office Pre-lease To-Do list

A quality tenant representative will provide you with a thorough breakdown of each of the properties you are evaluating in your search for a new space, including the various amenities associated with a space, as well as the “bottom line” factors involved. When it comes to this critical, basic information, your tenant representative will keep you abreast of all the information you need. There are, however, a few things that you should address independently on your own when selecting a new office space. Having a good idea of all the items on the following To Do list will help you make a decision based on more subjective factors, outside of the basic logistical and financial benefits of a space.

  • Use the elevators during rush times in the mornings and afternoons to see how it affects your travel time to your floor.
  • Similarly, visit the building during morning and afternoon rush hours to see how these high-volume times of day affect a commute and access to the building.
  • Look at the common areas and assess them for cleanliness and high-quality maintenance.
  • Make sure you visit the property management office for a face-to-face with the on-site team.
  • Use your cell phone from various points within the building to assess the quality of the signal you get.
  • Visit the actual parking facility you will be using under the terms of your lease.
  • Review the list of tenants to make sure that no undesirable tenants or direct competitors are in the building.
  • Ask existing tenants for their impressions on the building and its amenities.
  • Eat at any food service facilities in the building.

When choosing a new office lease, small, subjective criteria that affect your experience in a space can make a big difference. Make sure that you take the time to assess these factors in addition to the nuts-and-bolts provided by your tenant representative.