Moving-Day Office Relocation Checklist

Once you have found your ideal new space and signed off on your new office lease, you have the sizable task ahead of you of relocating your enterprise. When approached systematically, this process can be relatively pain-free. The following checklist gives you a basic framework to follow when planning for and executing your relocation to a new office space.

Initial Steps

  • Give sufficient notice to your current landlord
  • Search for, interview and hire a moving company
  • Create a list of all clients, vendors, and associates who need to be notified of your move
  • Inform your staff of the date of the move and give them a breakdown of the new location

Before Moving Day

  • Confirm that any freight elevators or docks at your new location are reserved on the move date
  • Confirm that your insurance plan covers the move
  • Arrange and set-up new phone and internet accounts
  • File a change-of-address with the USPS
  • Run an inventory on current furniture
  • Order new furniture, as needed
  • Order stationery with the new address
  • Make sure that permits and licenses are in place
  • Send out your change-of-address announcement to all associates, clients, and vendors
  • Conduct a team meeting at the new site with any IT staff or design and construction specialists along with your mover to confirm that everything will be up and running the day of move-in.
  • Change locks and passcodes for the new location as close as possible to the move date and distribute the keys to appropriate staff
  • Allow the staff to tour the new location before the move
  • Set up appropriate emergency procedure training for the new location

Day of the Move

  • Send all computers, servers, phones etc. ahead of other items and have them set up at the new location
  • Confirm that the AC or heat is turned on prior to the move


  • Do a walk-through and assess all moved items; submit damage reports to the moving company, if necessary
  • Send out new phone lists to all staff
  • File warranties on any new equipment or furniture; make sure that the fixed asset accounting system reflects these new additions
  • Make sure that your insurance has been transferred to the new location
  • Run an audit on keys and passes for the old facility; collect them and confirm that they have been returned to the old landlord
  • Send out a press release announcing the move