Steven Goldstein

Steven Goldstein understands the commercial real estate market in Chicago like no other broker and developer. He is the President of The team at Jameson Commercial, and he has been serving metropolitan Chicago and surrounding communities since 1991. Steven draws upon his deep knowledge of the Chicagoland area and his collective expertise in commercial real estate transactions to position as the top choice for savvy business owners, entrepreneurs and investors.

Steven places tremendous emphasis on long-term relationship building. First and foremost, he is an advocate for those he represents, and aspires to meet their objectives and exceed their expectations. Known to go the extra mile, he educates his clients in every aspect of the transaction and has a gift for simplifying the most complex concepts. Steven is also an accomplished negotiator who secures tremendous advantage for his professional clientele in quest of the perfect space.

The recovery from recent adverse economic conditions affecting the real estate market dictate the need for a seasoned and trusted professional to develop negotiating leverage and handle what can otherwise be time-consuming and burdensome process for most business owners. Steven adheres to a strict transaction timeline, excels in due diligence and keeps the best interests of his clients clearly at the forefront.


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