Sheldon Oppermann

Compass Properties, LLC
Vice President
BRE# 55725-090
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Our company specializes in office, retail, and mixed use developments. I focus on solutions, I love helping people, and believe that office space is a communication tool, to be used by companies to grow their business.

I am also proudly responsible for a fantastic property management team. Unique to most property owners / managers our emphasis is on relationships and environments. Certainly excellent locations and great physical assets are key, but our people are our greatest differentiator. When you are in a Compass Properties property you will know it. It just feels better.

Our team of people focus on making it easier for you to conduct your business and run your life. In essence we provide environments that help you, your company, your employees, your customers be as efficient, productive, and effective as they can be. As such, we provide more than just places to live, work, or play; we provide opportunity to thrive where you live, work, or play.

I am one of those people who are wired to turn "vision" into reality.

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