Striking back at recruiter spam

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By Darren Nix

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We’ve decided on a new approach to handling recruiter spam.

Before I go on, let me say that we like working with high quality recruiters from time to time, including one fantastic freelance recruiter, Oli Ryan, who helped us find several of our key hires.

That being said, we get bombarded daily with spam calls and emails from recruiting companies. Most of these we just ignore, but some bad actors decide to contact every person on the engineering team including calling our mobile numbers. That’s unacceptable.

So, it’s time to strike back: if they waste our time, we’ll waste theirs.

The recruiter black hole

It’s a simple concept: when a recruiter starts to be a pain in the ass, we just tell them to call our “HR manager” at this number:

(415) 534-6560


Give it a call.  Just say you’re “John, with ABC Recruiting Solutions (Annoying By Choice)”.

A very patient individual named Derrick will tell you that there are several positions for which he’s currently hiring and he’d like to cover all of them to see if you have any good candidates in the pipeline for him to review.  Without pausing, he’ll proceed to list the job requirements from five random jobs listed on in excruciating detail.  He’ll occasionally interject something like, “Sorry this is taking so long, but I just wanted to cover all of these before we get to your questions”.  Then he’ll continue on to the next job.

After 11 minutes of uninterrupted monologue, he’ll start repeating the same job descriptions over again.  And again.

Are you also a recruiter victim? Feel free to share the number.