Jason Freedman, The Camp Director

If only we could all live our entire lives at summer camp. Jason does. Well, at least, he thinks he does.

Also, blogs at humbledMBA.com

James Bracy, The Philosopher

Has a libertarian view of both code and politics. His money's in gold.

Also, always enjoys an afternoon vegetable juice.

Jon Bracy, The Architect

He's our Atlas, with 42Floors resting squarely on his shoulders.

Also, roller derby girls find him irresistible.

Ben Ehmke, The Designer

Has perfect pitch when thinking through design and new ideas. Can be seen teaching himself to code.

Also, insane Texas Ranger fan and inspired church leader.

Alison Di Spaltro The Director of Vibe

Makes the whole world awesome for everyone at 42Floors. There’s nothing she can’t handle.

Also, switches off workouts between boxing and ballet.

Darren Nix The Shenanigans Master

Darren thinks twice as fast as you do. In the time you read that last sentence, he increased our growth 10%.

Also blogs at darrennix.com

Justin Bedecarré, The CRE Professional

More passionate about commercial real estate than any person you've ever met. Ever. Knows things only brokers know.

Also, founded the War for Talent.

Aaron O'Connell, The Scientist

Studies the human mind, pursuing the perfect user experience. Because quantum mechanics can't explain everything.

Also, tequila connoisseur...and recommends El Tesoro Paradiso.

Daniel O'Shea, The Conductor

“Great leaders are like the best conductors – they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players.” That’s Daniel.

Also, has an unhealthy obsession with hurling.

Emily Spady, The Supporter

She's always there for you....to update your listing, schedule a photo shoot, or chat about the meaning of life.

Also, rides her bike up nob hill like a boss.

Kiran Divvela, The Archduke of Data

Kiran loves to keep your data accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive. Almost as much as he loves a tasty bowl of ramen.

Also, blogs at divvela.com

Julian Simioni, Chief Pilot

Julian makes our site fly. Not literally. Don't be insane. But, as in performance, management, product development, and more.

Also, obsessed pilot (for real) and cyclist.

Chris Bakke, The Ambassador

He's our connection to the outside world. He's organized and persistent. Almost like a stalker. But not really.

Also, walks like 2 hours a day.

Kevin Quinn, The Terminator

Rocks the data team. He's memorized every available office space in San Francisco and New York. Go ahead, try him.

Also, loves Seattle. Loves it to death.

Bernard Huang, Growth Hacker

Bernard is obsessed with user acquisition. He got you here without you even knowing it.Booyah! You just got growth hacked.

Also, ran a BBQ restaurant. Into the ground.

Megan Calkins, The Franchise

Megan is the first to grant herself a Franchise tag. So she can't be traded. Not that we ever would.

Also, she loves killing it. Just in general.