Office Lease Market Report

Average Rate ($/sqft/yr)
High: $52.17 | Low: $11.96
Average Size (sqft)
High: 20,824 | Low: 750

Last Updated August 22, 2014

Chinatown Office Space

Attracting more visitors annually than the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s Chinatown is the prime location for your next office rental space. Though the vacancy rate in this neighborhood is relatively low, space in still available in several locations, ranging anywhere from 1,100 to 20,000 square feet, easily accommodating the needs of any retail, restaurant, or commercial establishment. Office rental space prices are on the high end, however, averaging $35 per square foot, due to competitive availability.

Chinatown has offices for rent in 94108 (zip code).

Chinatown at a Glance

Established in 1848, the Chinatown neighborhood in San Francisco is both the oldest Chinatown in North America and boasts the largest Chinese population outside of Asia. The population of Chinatown is currently very dense, with 15,000 residents living in 20 square blocks, making it the most densely populated urban area west of Manhattan.

Defined by North Beach and Telegraph Hill and bounded by Bush Street, Taylor Street, Bay Street and the water, Chinatown was first settled by immigrants who came to the United States from China after the Opium Wars and numerous natural disasters. Rumors of gold simultaneously pulled them across the Pacific in hopes of wealth and prosperity.

Millions of visitors flock to San Francisco’s Chinatown annually for its festivals, cultural celebrations, shopping, and elaborate architecture. The Autumn Moon Festival, held in mid-September, brings tourists from all over the world to give thanks for the summer harvest with bazaars and entertainment. The restaurants of Chinatown are the birthplace of the westernized version of Chinese cuisine, where tourists can enjoy Chop Suey and Dim Sum, both of which were introduced here. Another major destination is Portsmouth Square, where visitors can watch residents practicing Tai Chi or playing Chinese chess.

Since Chinatown is a popular tourist destination public transportation makes the neighborhood very easy to access, except on weekends when an influx of tourists and commuters rush the neighborhood. Muni (the public transportation agency) is planning to extend the subway system into the neighborhood to help alleviate delays.

Chinatown Real Estate

The two major streets traversing the Chinatown neighborhood are Grant Avenue and Stockton Street, filled with many commercial businesses, retail spaces, and restaurants, making it the perfect location for your next office space rental or business development. Grant Avenue’s Dragon Gateway, the official entrance to Chinatown is popular among tourists, while Stockton Street represents a more authentic Chinatown. Set amid fish and produce markets, temples, and herbal shops, your business will thrive in this region of dense commerce and rich cultural identity.